Why Every High School Graduate Should Join The Military Before Starting College

Everyone has their own belief regarding enlistment and service in the United States Armed Services. I personally believe that every high school graduate should at least consider a career with the US military. Perhaps not a lifetime career, but a single enlistment tour. In this article I share my personal thoughts on why I believe that YOU should join the military after high school.

If you are an average high school student, you may not be ready to work for and plan your entire future right out of high school. Perhaps your future has been laid out or planned for you, or perhaps you are following the plans laid out for someone else. And it may sound something like this:

  • Graduate High School
  • Apply to college
  • Study, do well, graduate
  • Get a job and make a living
  • Work for 40 – 50 years
  • Retire

If this is your plan, I’m not knocking it in any way. But if at any point the word ‘boring’ came to mind, I agree with you. This is too structured for a teenager. If you start on this route with utmost determination you will succeed. However, you may find yourself distracted by a number of different factors as you follow this laid-out plan.

Issues that tend to come up include:

  • College is not cheap
  • Work takes away from study time
  • You have family obligations
  • You prefer fun over studying
  • You have a need for adventure
  • You are not mature enough (not a bad thing) to fully apply yourself to college

If even one of the above apply to you, you mind find yourself considering dropping out of college. Perhaps you will push through, many do, or perhaps you will constantly be thinking “I wish there was another way”.

And there is another way. What if you detour from your life and college plans to serve a stint in the United States Armed Services? By joining the military at a young age, you will ultimately place yourself in a better position to succeed down the line.

Military training will give you the discipline and maturity lacking in many teenagers. But you will learn this in a fun way. I really enjoyed (US NAVY) bootcamp and believe you will too. You will learn customs, discipline, respect, and gain pride in knowing that you are serving your country.

The military will train you for any job that you desire, so long as you qualify during the enlisting process. Where else can you find on the job training where you actually get paid in the process? Military experience goes a long way when applying for a civilian job after your military discharge.

The military will give you the opportunity to see the world and experience many cultures without having to pay a dime out of your own pocket. Not only do you get to see the world, you will also earn money in the process. If you are smart you will save this money to help pay for expenses down the line.

And last but not least, not only will your military service open many military related scholarship opportunities for college, but you will also get a great deal of college credit from your bootcamp and additional training.

By the time you complete your military enlistment you will be miles ahead of your classmates. You will have money in the bank, a scholarship and college credits waiting to be tapped into. Your adventure bug will be greatly fulfilled, and you will have a much greater maturity when starting college after your service.