How to Know What to Pack When Leaving For College

Starting college for the first time can be a scary but exciting time for many students. It is a completely new experience and a lot of people have no idea where to start regarding what to pack when leaving for college. Going to school without all the proper necessities can sometimes hinder a good experience. Knowing what to bring to start a new future is helpful advice that every new student can use.

Future students should always contact their college to find out what will be provided to them in their living space. While many schools provide a desk, some do not and require students to bring their own. It is also helpful to find out if things like a lamp and trashcan will be provided. For dorms that do not provide air conditioning, a fan is essential to comfort on those hot days at the beginning and end of the semester. If there are public bathrooms, students may want to bring a robe, shower shoes, and small waterproof container for all of their shower supplies.

Certain tool kits can come in very handy while living away from the convenience of Mom and Dad’s resources. Every college dorm should have a first aid kit to take care of anything from a cut to a cold. Having a basic set of hardware tools also tends to be helpful. A basic hammer, screw driver, and small nails can help with minor room improvements. Sewing kits are helpful for small tears and missing buttons that are sure to occur at some point. It is not necessary to purchase anything fancy. A few needles and different color threads will suffice.

There is nothing more dreaded about going to college than learning how to do laundry. This can be quite a hassle, but there are a few things that can help make the process easier. Purchase high concentrated laundry detergent, because it lasts long but comes in much smaller bottles, so it is easier to carry around. Get a laundry hamper that is easily portable so that laundry can be transported to the laundry room. If the washers and dryers are free, don’t forget to bring lots of quarters.

Though students can sometimes feel very unsure about entering the college experience, being well prepared can help to significantly reduce the anxiety. Learning what is provided by the school can help students consider what to pack when leaving for college. With the proper necessities, every college experience can be a great one.