5 Steps to Seduce College Girls (Including College Parties!) And How to Jump-Start College

1) Mingle! Get to know as many people as possible!

In the beginning of college people don’t know each other. Even though you normally might not be the extroverted energetic guy this is the best opportunity to get to know as many people as possible. Focus on the hotties! Walking up to them and saying “Hi!” should simply do the trick. Start off with normal fluff talk and try to have a nice conversation going so she will remember you.

This is important for the following steps.

2) Get introduced

Now that you know lots of people, try to chat them up in the following days as soon as you see them. Simple conversations are fine, just don’t be creepy.

You will notice that these people got to know lots of other people in the meantime. Ask them to introduce you or just go ahead and introduce yourself, this shows self-confidence which is an attractive quality to women.

3) Keep it up

During normal college classes, keep up the contacts. Say Hi to everyone even if you hardly know them. Don’t fall into the trap of not greeting each other anymore, this won’t make things easier.

4) Arrange activities

Do some stuff with the new people you met to establish some rapport. Keeping the balance here is key. Don’t get too clingy to specific people as this will most probably stop you from socializing.

Finally: Seduce!

College parties will come. Now it’s time to get the most out of your work you did before. Chatting up hot girls on college parties should not be a problem for you now as you already know many of them and can get introduced to new people with ease. Furthermore you aren’t the “stranger” anymore and therefore your chances are much better.

Everything should go smooth from here. You will notice that your increased socializing has refined your social skills and it is much easier to talk not just to strangers but also hot college girls. In many cases this will spark attraction and the rest should be no problem.